Our mission is to support the educational process by:

  • Maintaining a clean, comfortable and safe environment in all District schools and buildings.
  • Providing safe and efficient transportation services for students.
  • Providing healthy, nutritious and desirable meals for students and staff.
  • Providing new facilities and remodeling and renovating existing facilities.
  • Providing security for District schools and other assets.
 Name Position Phone E-mail
Scott Thomas Administrator 801-567-8751 scott.thomas@jordandistrict.org
Paul Bergera Staff Assistant 801-567-8752 paul.bergera@jordandistrict.org
Peggy Margetts Administrative Assistant 801-567-8753 peggy.margetts@jordandistrict.org
Traci Mariano Administrative Assistant, Budgets/Property 801-567-8750 traci.mariano@jordandistrict.org
Deanna Funcannon Receptionist 801-567-8730 deanna.funcannon@jordandistrict.org
FAX: 801-567-8780

Auxiliary Services Organizational Chart

Auxiliary Services Building Map

Auxiliary Services Building Map
Download ASB Map file_pdf