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Custodial Employee of the Month

Energy Improvement Award

Energy Improvement Award January 2016 Innocent Nenbee

January 2017 - Innocent Nenbee - Mountain Shadows Elementary

Innocent is very conscientious about energy use, which is demonstrated by how he schedules the school for after hours events and daily operations.  He communicates problems or concerns he has to Energy, Facilities, and Maintenance.  Mountain Shadows is a challenging school to make everyone comfortable and yet he strives for perfection.


November 2016 - Brady Bartholomew - Copper Hills High

Custodian of the month November 2016 Brady Bartholomew

Brady was nominated by his Principal, Todd Quarnberg: "My Head Custodian was injured and was unable to come to work for what seemed like a year.  I have always bragged and told Brady that I knew he did a great job, however, I just found out how valuable he really is to our school.  Brady may be the best educator in our building, because he has taught us the value of hard work."


October 2016 - Shawn Diamond - Copper Hills High

Custodian of the month October 2016 Shawn Diamond

Shawn was nominated by his Head Custodian, Brady Bartholomew.  Shawn is a very hard worker and always stays on task.  He works well with others and also cares about the kids.  He will do anything for them.  He is willing to help his co-workers as well.  Shawn will always volunteer to do whatever is needed to keep the school neat and clean and safe for everyone in the building.  I wish the district had 100 Shawns'!


May 2016 - Duane Devey - Director Custodial/Energy

Custodian of the month May 2016 Duane Devey

It is with great pleasure that we award the Custodian of the Month for May 2016 to our Custodial Director, Duane Devey.  Duane has worked for Jordan School District for 41 years.  He was a custodian from 1975 to 1987 and like cream, has progressed all the way to the top.  His colleagues list several reasons for this award.  Duane is a great team leader, always willing to let the team do what they think is best without trying to micro-manage.  He respects and cares for the well-being of all who he works with.  He is a kind and gentle guy.  Duane encourages people to care and work hard.  He sees the good and potential in others and is willing to give them a chance.  He always has your back and he fights for what is right even if it's not the popular thing to do.  He takes time out of his busy day to help with any concerns and give wisdom and guidance.  We are lucky to have a boss that cares and wants the best for all of the custodians throughout the district.  We have the utmost respect for our friend.  He truly has made a difference in Custodial and Energy Services.


April 2016 - Dan Spring - West Hills Middle

Custodian of the month April 2016 Dan Spring

If there is a reason that West Hills should be called the "Best Hills", it would be Dan Spring.  Rochelle Waite, Assistant Principal at West Hills, says "Since July of 2015 he has operated with a skeleton crew, but you would never know it with the pristine condition of our school."

Dan's work ethic cannot be ignored.  He regularly receives high scores on his Building Evaluations and is often acknowledged by staff and patrons for his amazing work.  He has a positive and upbeat demeanor that is contagious and his positive attitude is unsurpassed.  Whether fighting snow long before students and staff arrive or quietly going about helping out students and faculty his presence plays an integral role in the success of West Hills Middle School.  Congratulation to Dan Spring, Custodian of the Month for April.


February 2016 - Lawrence Velarde - West Hills Middle

Custodian of the month February 2016 Lawrence Velarde

Congratulations to Lawrence VElarde, assistant custodian at West Hills Middle.  Lawrence has been very dependable and is always there to help out.  He is always first to volunteer and help everyone.  He has all the attributes of an Eagle Scout, he is friendly, courteous, kind, hardworking, and loyal.  Lawrence' area always scores very high when the building is evaluated even though they have been working with a skeleton crew since July.  Dan Spring, Head Custodian at West Hills Middle, wishes for Lawrence to never retire and would love to change the name of West Hills to Lawrence Velarde Middle School!


March 2016 - Brent Gabbitas - Oquirrh Hills Middle

Custodian of the month March 2016 Brent Gabbitas

Brent was nominated by his Principal, Mike Glenn.  Brent has a great sense of humor and works extremely well with faculty, students, and patrons.  He is patient and has a great work ethic and drive to get things done in a timely manner.  Mr. Glenn wrote, "Anyone who works now or has ever worked in a school can recognize quality and pride in a real custodian.  Brent is so amazing."  He deserves all the recognition we could possibly give him.


January 2016 - Jeff Welch - Elk Meadows Elementary

Custodian of the month January 2016 Jeff Welch

Jeff was nominated by his Principal, Aaron Ichimura.  Jeff does a great job of caring for the facilities of our school and showing concern for the people that are there.  He is great at noticing things and takes action right away.  Jeff adapts well to last minute events.  He communicates well and is an integral part of the school culture.  He enriches what is going on at the school by making sure that his behavior exemplifies what is best for the students.


December 2015 - Armando Diaz - Hayden Peak Elementary

Custodian of the Month December 2015 Armondo Diaz

Armando was nominated by his Principal, David Butler and says they are very lucky to have Armando as their Head Custodian.  Armando has worked at Hayden Peak for many years and is an asset to the staff.  He never stops working.  He always has a project he is working on and never wastes time.  He has a very strong work ethic and it shows in everything he does.  He takes great pride in our building.  The cleanliness of Hayden Peak is fantastic.  He takes care of issues as they arise.  He goes the extra mile willingly with a smile.


November 2015 - Marci Witkamp - Copper Mountain Middle

Custodian of the Month Nov 2015 Marci Witkamp

We would like to congratulate Marci Witkamp from Copper Mountain Middle who has been chosen as November's Custodian of the Month.  Marci has been at Copper Mountain Middle for over a year.  She unlocks the building early every morning and still has a smile on her face when she leaves in the afternoon.  She always has a positive outlook and the staff and students see and appreciate it.  She is always looking for ways to improve the custodial team at CMMS and goes the extra mile to improve her own skills.  Congratulations Marci!