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News & Stories – Facility Services


March 2020

Tim Rueckert is the employee of the month

Tim works on all equipment at the schools in our district.  He travels to the schools to pick up the broken equipment, makes the repairs and returns the repaired equipment to the schools.  Because of his work and thoroughness, the custodian are able to do their jobs.

Tim is an amazing asset and great example to the Jordan School District.

February 2020

Matt Mears is the employee of the month

Matt has amazing service skills.  He works with all employees creating badges, door schedules as well as many other duties.  Matt is always professional and very hard working.  Thank you Matt.

January 2020

Charla Doran is the employee of the month

Facility Services Advisory Team has unanimously voted Charla Doran and the employee of the month.  Thank you Charla for all you do to keep us rolling.

December 2019

Bret Sax is the employee of the month

BRET SAX PhotoBret Sax is being nominated  because of his excellence in carpentry, portable skirting and preventative maintenance on door hardware. This summer He has kept the portable moves on schedule despite several upsets. Bret is a dedicated employee serving in the Facilities Maintenance Department as a Journeyman Carpenter. He is a pleasure to work with and he never hesitates to help whenever there is a need. Bret's experience is an asset to the district which helps to save significant time and money.

November 2019

Chandler Shepherd is the employee of the month.

Chandler is an HVAC Technician for our Facility Services Department.  He is always putting in extra time to make sure a job is done before he leaves.  Chandler gets along with everyone and is well liked.  His job knowledge, HVAC experience and attention to detail are a true asset to his craft as well as JSD.

October 2019

Dave Erickson in Alarm Response is the employee of the month.

Dave completes all his work and works well with everyone from different departments, schools etc. He helped Mark Raines hang 235 trauma kit cabinets and relocate some of the AED cabinets to make them ADA compliant.  He also assisted delivering 3200 small classroom trauma kits to all JSD buildings. Dave certainly went above and beyond, all while doing it with a positive attitude.

September 2019

Sergio Sabino Maia is the employee of the month.

Sergio has completed a lot of quality work at Oquirrh Elementary - painted office area, teachers lounge, gym, cafeteria walls, door frames, floors to name a few.  He is also in the middle of installing wall carpet throughout Joel P Jensen Middle.  Quality workmanship!!

August 2019

Jay Lund is the employee of the month.

Jay has been with the district for a long time and has always shown a willingness to work and help others with jobs when they need help. Jay has an ability to always be happy and enjoy his job.

Jay has helped with heat pumps that are failing while maintaining his work load.



July 2019

Ron Mousley is employee of the month.

Ron makes it so you want to come to work.  When you do something wrong, he does not put you down.  He explains why and makes you want to change.  He is always wanting to help and he also shows by example.  He is the hardest working person in our area.  He is a very likable person and a great boss.


June 2019

Doug Miles is the employee of the month.

This gentleman has vast knowledge of the carpentry trade.  He is highly skilled and takes great pride in the quality of work he does.  Thank you Doug.

 May 2019

Troy Powell is the employee of the month.

Troy is always willing to help other techs with their jobs.  He has fixed issues that have been unfixable and has been able to explain the issues to the Principal.  Thank you Troy.

April 2019

Shane Elliason is the employee of the month.

Shane is willing to help someone else on the crew when they need a hand.  It's always voluntary on his part.  Shane helped the P.M. crew change filters at Daybreak Elementary, which included moving a lift and changing filters 30 ft. up.  Way to go the extra mile.

February 2019
Ray Wilde is the February employee of the month.
Ray has help us in the AV department countless time in the past few months. He helped out at the D.O. with a high profile conference room that needed cement core drilled for his power. He made sure we had room and extra pipe and ran data and video cables for us.
Ray also had a big project at the bus barn that required a lift. He noticed that we (AV department) did not have a work order for this project. Ray called me and told me he had a lift out there already for his power and suggested that we come in and use the lift to run our data lines. That saved the district money and time and allowed the bus barn project to get done faster.
There are many many times Ray has went the extra mile to help us out.
I also want to give a shout out to the Electrician Department. Not only Ray but there are many people in that department that goes the extra mile to help out. What a great group of guys.
January 2019

Troy Loader is the January employee of the month.

Troy is a great worker, always willing to help other people.  He does a great job getting his work orders done in a timely manner.  Troy is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor all while getting the job done.

December 2018

Robert Elkins in the December employee of the month.

Robert is hard working, responsible, good at communicating and prioritizing.  He really cares about how the buildings work and getting the job done.  He is willing to put in whatever time he needs to make it happen.

November 2018

Traer Forrester is the November employee of the month.

Traer is a great help not only to general trades but every department.  He constantly has people asking him to fabricate something and always helps out with a friendly attitude.  He is hard working, friendly, knowledgeable, skilled and patient.

September 2018
Ron Gowans is our employee of the month for September.
Ron has been picking up surplus copy machines and rebuilding the low meter copiers this summer.  He has offered the rebuilt copiers to any technician who wants to replace a problem copier in the field.  I think Ron deserves to be the employee of the month for helping all the technicians with replacing or repairing problems on copy machines in the field.
August 2018

Employee of the month is Bryan Menzel

Bryan keeps a lot of records for the New Construction Department and is willing to help when people need information.  He will print maps or help find something in the plan room.  He is a great asset to the department.
July 2018

Employee Of the Month is Shawn Wright

Shawn is a very hard worker.  He has vast knowledge to apply to his work and is concerned about the job being done right.   His tile work looks great.  I would hire him.  Thank you Shawn for a job well done.


June 2018

Employee of the month is Carlos DeSiqueira

Carlos is an excellent painter.  He cares about his work.  For Carlos, it must be done right the first time, fast and efficient.  No matter how hard or impossible the job appears to be, it looks wonderful when Carlos is done with it.

May 2018

Employee of the month is Jason Norman

I would like to nominate Jason for Employee of the month. Jason is a great new hire for the district and has showed a great knowledge of looking at the big picture on jobs.

Jason has made my job easier on several projects I've had here in the AV department. While running his electrical on remodels, he has either ran conduit or pulled strings for my data lines.

It would be very easy for him to say it’s not my job, But, Jason understands how much time that would save me and my department to do that before the walls are covered up with sheet rock.

Thanks Jason for looking out for us. Congrats on the Rock Star of the Month!


APRIL 2018

Employee of the month is Paxton VanDebrake

Paxton is one of the hardest working employees in the Grounds Department.  He does an exemplary job at all of our schools.  He is very honest and is always looking to improve himself and his work.  Paxton is always the first to get to work.  He received his CDL before there was a position to move higher up.  He led a crew while being a laborer and with no prior experience.  He has done well with no complaints from schools or faculty.

Paxton has made a lot of progress in the last year and has shown how important his job it.  He has learned how to use heavy machinery and various other skills.

Paxton is always happy and glad to help others.  He volunteers help to those who need it.

March 2018

The Employee of the Month is Joshua Adair

Josh has been a great help here in AV department.  When I give him a project he gets it done.  He's a self starter and picks things up quickly.  When I need something, he recognizes that before I ask  and jumps in to help.  Josh is also a member of the Army National Guard.  I thank him for his service to our country.  He's a great kid, soon to be 21.  He will be and is a great asset to JSD.

February 2018

The Employee of the Month is Kaye Lynne Faucett

Kaye Lynne Faucett, in Facilities Scheduling does an amazing job organizing and coordinating county rental events.  She is the key person of contact for the county for all Junior Jazz rentals at the schools.  She works closely with the school custodians, and is responsible for making sure all rentals have access to the schools, i.e. scheduling doors, and making sure energy services is aware of rentals for heat and air issues.  There is a constant changing of schedules from the county and Kaye Lynne does an excellent job keeping track of these changes and making sure all needs are met for the country rentals at our schools.


January 2018

The Employee of the Month is Steve Savage.

Since coming into are department Steve has been asked to go out and fix things he has probably never seen or worked on before, but he is always willing to give it a shot.  Most times he can figure out the problem.  He is not afraid to ask questions.  His trouble shooting skills have improved so much over time.  When it comes to a new installation project you could not ask for any better.  All of his jobs look great.  We get compliments from school employees about Steve.  He is always professional and they       enjoy having him in their school.

December 2017 
The Employee of the month for November is Mike Welch
Mike always does an excellent job and has a great attitude.  He has recently completed four special projects at South Jordan Middle School and is always very dependable.  He is a cabinet building machine.
November 2017

The Employee of the Month for November is Jeff Sampson

Jeff is a wonderful person to work with.  He is very kind and works hard to make the schools happy.  He is always positive and is willing to help anyone that needs help.  He will do the extra work that is needed to complete the job that he is working on.  I have seen him work through his breaks and stay late to get the job done.  Jeff is an outstanding individual, and hard working employee.  I recommend Jeff for employee of the month.

October 2017

The Employee of the Month for October is Brent Chandler.

 Brent was nominated for his outstanding assistance with the West Jordan High School remodel.  On the first day of school most if not all the classrooms had problems with their sound or projectors.  Brent recognized that his fellow AV techs as well as the school needed his help, and without being asked he came over and helped getting the classrooms back up and running.  This process took nearly 3 weeks to complete.

Brent has also served as a great mentor to those new to the AV department.  He spends a lot of time getting those new folks up to speed with some of the common AV issues. It is refreshing to have someone that can recognize where help is needed and jump in without being asked.

September 2017
The Employee of the Month for September is Ron Mousley.
He is very dedicated and competent.  He was able to fill in while his supervisor was out on military leave and did an awesome job.
Organization of work orders and handles paperwork and emergencies with professionalism.
June 2017

Employee for the month of June 2017 is Carl Dinger

Carl is a team player that has to deal with many people in difficult situations.  Carl always maintains a professional attitude and is sensitive to the people involved.

May 2017

Employee for the month of May 2017 is Mike Lawrence

He is a carpenter.  Mike has been a great addition to the carpentry department.
Mike is a hard worker and gets work orders completed in a timely manner.
April 2017

​Employee for the Month of April 2017 is Jake Butterfield
Jake is always willing to help others get a job done.  He is very particular with his work.  He gets all of his scheduled work done on time.  He is very good at trouble shooting plumbing problems and he has a great attitude. He is always willing to go the extra mile.​
March 2017
The Employee of the Month for March is Mike Schmidt.
Mike is a great guy.  He is always trying to help others and puts forth a good image for our department.
Mike was reconditioning some shelves to save the district money and make the area look better.
February 2017

The Employee of the month for February is Easton Wissler

Easton Wissler Photo

Easton goes above and beyond the call of duty.  He has a very positive attitude and works well with his co-workers.  We can rely on Easton to complete any assigned tasks in a timely manner.

January 2017
The Employee of the Month for January 2017 is Patrick Bear
Patrick Bear PhotoThis employee is very knowledgeable in his trade and takes great pride in his work.  Always willing to help out other departments when needed.  I've had several compliments from school employees about what a nice person and good worker he is while working at their school.
Example of Desired Performance
Auxiliary Service Parking Lot Light Project
December 2016
The employee of the month for December is Jack Retallick
jack-retallick-photo-1He has put forth a lot of thought and energy to solve many AV problems throughout the District.  One in particular, Elk Ridge Middle School.  "Great Employee."  Works well with all departments.  Works well with AV people.  Excellent experience and command of his trade.
November 2016

The employee of the month for November is Theron Jones


Theron  has been committed to his job as a District mechanic for
15 years.  He is an expert at his trade.  He takes pride in his work
and he completes all of his assignments quickly.  Theron has
established himself as a trusted source for mechanical advice among
his coworkers and friends here in Facility Services.  No matter the
lawn mower, tractor, truck or generator; diesel or gasoline, Theron
can always fix them like new. On behalf of many of his co-workers in
Facility Services, we gladly recommend Theron Jones to be this month's
"employee of the month."

October 2016

The employee of the month for October is Bruce Crane

Bruce goebruce-crane-photos above and beyond the call of duty.

He has a very positive attitude and works well with his co-workers.

I can rely on Bruce to complete any assigned tasks in a timely manner.

September 2016

The employee of the month for September is Brandon Conti

Brandon Condi Photo

He is always willing to help with any job.  Works hard, but more important

he looks good while doing it.  Very good at making a plan and executing it.

August 2016
The employee of the month for August is Paul Stoddard.


Paul is a good worker.  He is punctual.  He is exceptional at

repairing and adding security to the schools.  He is dependable,

responsible, and pleasant to work with.


July 2016
The employee of the month for July is Bret Sax

Bret is a great carpenter working on our night crew.  He is diligent in completingwork orders on time and in a way that is safe for the students.  He exemplifies a great attitude about those he works with and the work he does.  He has carried the carpenters load for the night crew while Kurt has been off.  Bret is very talented and does an outstanding job with his assignments.

June 2016

The employee of the month for June  is Kim Forrester.

KIM FORRESTER PhotoKim is very organized and especially accurate in her bookkeeping skills.

She is always friendly and is a real asset to the New Construction department.

We appreciate Kim and she is a valuable asset to all of us at ASB.

May 2016

The Employee of the Month for May is Jim Barnes

JIM BARNES PhotoHe has been in Jordan School District for 29 years as a custodian and a carpenter.  Jim has become a great asset to our department and the district in all his wisdom and his ability to do and complete any job that is given to him.  He has helped others in decisions on better ways to complete jobs or proper ways that are needed.  Jim is one of the great and outstanding employees that work for the Jordan School District and he brings pride in all that he does.

April  2016

The Employee of the Month for April is Ron Gowans

RON GOWANS PhotoRon knocks his work orders out quickly.  He comes over to the AV side of our shop almost daily and asks us if we need help with anything.  If we are in a bind, Ron will drop everything and come help out.  He doesn't care what the job is or if its his school.  He is willing to help with grunt work as well as technical stuff.  He's not in it for the glory or himself but for the team.

March 2016

The Employee of the Month for March is Lynn Visser.

lynn-visser-photoLynn is the go to guy when you need Special Projects, Capital Outlay, New Construction.  He usually is the one put in charge of their completions.

At Bingham, Lynn helped the school with getting a fire pit and helped with the bids overseeing  The Big B -- that Bingham High has out front.  Lynn helps Dan Bourgeois with bidding, hiring contractors, etc. and usually has a Big Cheesy Smile for you.

February 2016

The Employee of the Month for February is Lance Brady.

Lance helped with getting the new JATC South..  Rebuilt old bookcase,installed new cLANCE BRADY Photoabinets, helped with remolding of this school last summer.Lance helps with handicap door closers and work on concrete jobs. Helps one that needs help.  Lance fills in for the senior position,when Dave is off.  Handles any problems that come up when Dave is off.

January 2016

The carpenters would like to nominate Dave Markus for the Employee of the Month for January.

DDave Markus - Photoave is the senior tech (leadman) with the Carpenters.  Dave is a supportive lead in our department.  He manages and divides our department's work load evenly between us.  when we need support and encouragement, Dave never hesitates to step in and help us alone.

We enjoy Dave in our department and are proud to work with him every week.

December 2015
Easton Wissler was voted by his peers as December's Employee of the Month.Easton has been with Jordan School DiEASTON WISSLER Photostrict since 2007.He works with our Grounds Department.  Easton hangs signs and does sign repair at the schools.  He also handles sod preparation.  He is always on time, is a hard worker, and quickly gets the job done.Thank Easton for all you do for Jordan School District.  We really appreciate you.
November 2015
Judy Bird was voted by her peersas NoveJudy Birdmber's Employee of the Month.Thank Judy for all you do for Jordan School District.  We really appreciateyou.