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Nutrition Services | Catering

Five Star Catering  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  • Catering is for District use only
  • For catering questions please call 801-567-8760. Order must be placed 2 weeks in advance. Final count one week prior to event. Minimum order of 25.
  • Prices listed are per person
 Continental Breakfast
Pastry, Juice, and Beverage $4.00
Pastry, Juice, and Beverage with Fresh Fruit (yogurt bar with granola is an additional $1.00) $5.00
Pastry Choices: Bagels, Muffins, Donuts, and Sweet Rolls.
Beverage Choices: Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa, Milk Choice
Beverage Service~ only offered at the Auxiliary Services building $1.00
Pan of Brownies serving 60 ea or 80 ea $30.00
Cookies, 1 ea $0.30
Fruit or Relish Tray $2.50
Pasta Bar served with a Garden Salad and a Bread stick (minimum order of 25) $7.50
Lasagna served with a Garden Salad and a Bread stick $7.50
Orange Chicken Served with Rice, Hot Vegetables and an Egg Roll $7.50
Turkey Dinner with Mashed or Baked Potato,a roll and hot vegetable (minimum order of 25) $7.50
Baked Potato Bar served with a Garden Salad and a Bread stick $7.50
(All lunches include drink and dessert)
 Salad Bars
Chinese Chicken Salad served with choice of Roll or Bread stick $7.50
Taco Salad served with Tortilla Chips $7.50
(All salad bars include drink and dessert)
Build your own. Deli bun with a variety of sliced meat and toppings $7.50
Chicken Salad Sandwich. Diced white meat chicken with mandarin oranges,grapes and a mayo dressing. Served on a large croissant $7.50
Box Lunch. Deli sandwich with choice of turkey, roast beef and ham $7.50
Pulled Pork. Savory barbecue slow roasted on a rosette bun $7.50
(Sandwiches include 2 choices of the following: Tossed Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Fresh Fruits or Chips)
Dessert Choices: Brownie, Cookie, Cake, Peanut Butter Bar, Seasonal Fresh Fruit
(All sandwiches include drink and dessert)