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Nutrition Services ~ Plant the Seed…

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Meal Prices

  • Elementary Breakfast: $0.80
  • Elementary Lunch: $1.75
  • Secondary Breakfast: $1.00
  • Secondary Lunch: $2.00
  • Adults Breakfast: $2.00
  • Adults Lunch $3.30
  • Reduced Breakfast: $0.30
  • Reduced Lunch: $0.40
 Name  Position Phone
Jana Cruz MBA,SNS
Director 801-567-8761
Elma Scheid Department Secretary 801-567-8760
Julie Dunn Free & Reduced Specialist 801-567-8765
Lori Nichols User Support 801-567-8767
Katie Bastian MDA,RD,SNS Registered Dietitian 801-567-8602
Tammy Horger MA, SNS North West Schools file PDF 801-567-8776
Peggy Chritensen South East Schools file PDF 801-567-8763
Debbie Stauffer North East Schools file PDF 801-567-8762
Cydney Asay SNS South West Schoolsfile PDF 801-567-8764

 Announcements & Whats New:

This week, October 3-6, we will be receiving local apples from Tagge's Famous Fruit and Veggie Farm.


Here are some delicious ways to enjoy apples throughout your day!

  • Apples are a nutritious, filling snack: dip apple slices in peanut butter, Nutella, or add a dash of cinnamon to embrace the Fall flavor
  • Include apples to your breakfast: oatmeal (add a dash of cinnamon!), pancakes, or muffins
  • Apples make delicious desserts: apple pie, apple crisp, baked apples, or have a fun family activity where you dip apples in caramel and decorate with chocolate, candies, or sprinkles
  • For a savory approach, add chopped apples to a salad, grilled cheese sandwich, or mix it in with chicken salad


Prepare to take a bite out of this apple-licious day! Students and the community will all love crunching into locally grown apples on October 11, 2017. Help student understand where their food comes from and support our local farmers by participating in this apple-mazing day. For more information, refer to the Apple Crunch Guide.
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JSD Healthy Eats page is on Facebook. Come check us out and see what is going on in our department and your child's cafeteria. You will find our top requested recipes, pictures of tasty food, fun events and highlights of each school's cafeteria staff.

 Monthly Lunch Price Totals

2017-18 Traditional El & Secondary Schools file PDF
2017-18 Year Round Schools file PDF
JSD Wellness Policy  file link

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