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school bus

Transportation Motto: SAFE * RELIABLE * EFFICIENT "A Vital Link to Learning

Phone:  801-567-8840 - all calls or concerns Monday - Friday 6:00 am - 5:00 pm

  • Director: Paul Bergera
  • Address: 8480 S 4361 W, West Jordan, UT 84088
  • Transportation Services Phone: 801-567-8840
  • Fax: 801-567-8816

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Bus Questions
In the event your student's school bus is running late (typically more than 15 minutes), please call our office at 801-567-8840.  The Transportation Department is open 6:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.

During cold weather, some buses may be running extremely late due to weather-related days. Parents should develop a back-up transportation plan in the event a bus cannot pick up their children.

Transportation Tab - Parents Transportation Tab - Admin

Transportation Department - Auxiliary Services

 Name  Position Phone
Paul Bergera
Director 801-567-8820
Erika Shaw Administrative Asst. 801-567-8837
Charlene Arko Transportation Coordinator 801-567-8821
Sula Bearden Transportation Coordinator 801-567-8851
Debbie Soelberg Regular Ed Route Assignments 2023-24 801-567-8814
Bryan Burke Reg.Ed. Router 801-567-8848
Jonette Brown Reg.Ed. Router 801-567-8849
Rosalie Ellsworth Reg.Ed. Router 801-567-8838
Stephanie Erickson Special Ed Routes Assignment 23-24 801-567-8846
Mandy Shaw Sp.Ed Sr.Router 801-567-8854
TBD Sp.Ed. Router 801-567-8833
Shaun Dustin Sp.Ed. Router 801-567-8835
Brad Godfrey Sp.Ed. Router 801-567-8824
Andrew Minardi Custodian
Transportation Specialists
Kittisack Soumpholphakdy Transportation Activity Specialist 801-567-8809
Michele Yuill Transportation Activity Assistant 801-567-8804
Kathy Simmons Jones Senior Trainer/Risk Coordinator 801-567-8855
Luanne Smith Trainer 801-567-8831
Denise Dallin Support Asst. 801-567-8856
Marcus Swainston Trainer 801-567-8823
Tammy Spearman Trainer 801-567-8807
Doug Paddock Trans.Systems Tech. 801-567-8844
Debbie McKinlay Trans.Systems Asst. 801-567-8841
Richard Birrell Shop Foreman 801-567-8811
Scott Fullmer Whse. Buyer 801-567-8810