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Training Videos

If you have any training ideas that you would like to see on video, please feel free to contact Lauri Spitzenberger (Technology & Education Specialist) by phone or email.

(801) 567-8745 Office


Sweeper Training Assistant Custodian Training Lead & Head Custodian Training & Informational Videos
Sweeper Training Video (Recommend Yearly review) JCOS Management How to Hire Sweepers
After Onboarding 1-General Management Sweeper Training Video
Light Duty Route 2-Productivity in Staffing Floor Scrubber Battery Service
Vacuum Route 3-Building Management Tomcat Squeegee Adjustments
Restroom Route (Clean Core Caddy) 4-Operational Management Safety Data Sheet Information
Restroom Route (Cart Cleaning) 5-Employee Relations Insurance & Workers Compensation
Using Bell's Chime 6-Training & Communication Blood Borne Pathogens Video
Adult Night Supervisor & Rover 7-The Interview Summer Cleaning
Adult Night Supervisor Responsibilities Apprenticeship 1 Classroom Summer Cleaning Video
How to Secure the Building Security Classroom Summer Cleaning Checklist
Covering for the Head Custodian Restroom (Cart Cleaning) Restroom Summer Cleaning Video
Restroom (Clean Core Caddy) Restroom Summer Cleaning Checklist
Light Duty Head Custodian Summer Cleaning
Walls Head Custodian Summer Checklist
IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
Equipment: Operation & Maintenance
Apprenticeship 1 & 2
Resilient Floor Maintenance
Carpet & Upholstery Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Carpentry & Trade Repair Maintenance
Apprenticeship 2
Floor Types
Wood Floor Maintenance
Fire Prevention Safety: Stacking & Storing Materials
HVAC/Equipment Maintenance

(Topics listed here, but not linked to videos will be made in the future)