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FAQs and Answers- Nutrition Services

Q. What if my child has a food allergy and wants to eat meals at school?
A. Please visit our Special Dietary Needs page for allergy information and documentation forms.

Q. What is the best practice for bringing in outside food into the school?
A. Health Department Regulation #5 4.2.4- “Food to be sold/ shared with the public should be pre-packaged from a commercial manufacturer.”

Q. What are Smart Snacks in Schools?
A. USDA has released practical, science-based nutrition standards for snack foods and beverages sold to children at school, during the school day. These standards, required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, will call for schools to offer healthier snack foods for children, while limiting junk food. For more information, check out Smart Snacks resources below.

USDA Tools for Schools: Focusing on Smart Snacks Website

Smart Snacks Product Calculator

Smart Snacks in School 1 Page Introduction Letter

USDA Nutrition Standards for all foods sold in school

JSD JAM's info.~ USDA Guidelines for School Food Fundraisers

Exempted Fundraiser Application non CTE

CTE Exempted Fundraiser Application

Q. How do I get a Food Handler's Permit?
A. Check the Food Handlers info. section on our website.

Q. How do I apply for a job with the Nutrition Services Department?
A. Check the prospective employees section on our website.

Q. Do I need to fill out an application for each child?
A. No. Use one free and reduced price school meals application for all students in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information. Return the completed application to Nutrition Services 7905 S. Redwood Road West Jordan, Utah 84088, Phone # 801-567-8765

Q. Do I need to reapply every school year for free or reduced lunch?
A. Yes, you must reapply beginning July 1st of every school year. Your student will have a 30 day carry over from the previous year. If we do not receive a new application your student will drop off the program.

Q. What if one of my children, who goes to a Jordan District school, is left off the program but their other siblings are on the program?
A. Call our office and we can add them on.

Q. How do I get my Skyward Log in?
A. You may obtain this by calling the front office of any of the schools your children attend.

Q. Does my free or reduced meal include a la carte items?
A. No, these are extra and will be charged at regular price. Students must have money in hand or in their account to purchase a la carte items.

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