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Secure Document Shredding

What do we do with confidential records that need to be shredded?

Records to be destroyed need to be retained in a secure place at your school. When you have accumulated more than 10 boxes, please contact Columbus Secure Document Solutions at 801-262-1588 to schedule pickup and disposal. We have established an Open Purchase Order to cover the cost of their services.

The following steps are critical as you prepare your records for pickup:

  1. Please remove records from loose leaf binders and hanging file folders. Only box materials that can be shredded.
  2. All confidential records / materials must be boxed, taped shut and visibly labeled as CONFIDENTIAL TO BE DESTROYED. Boxes that are not secured and labeled will not be accepted.
  3. Please collect boxed / labeled records in one central location.
  4. At the scheduled date and time, please have someone available to direct workers to where the boxes are for quick and efficient pick up.

For guidelines on records retention, please refer to District Policy Number DP367 – District Records Management and Number AS61 – Student Records.