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FAQ – Card Access / ID Badges

Card Access / ID Badges

  • Q. Where do I get a Photo ID Badge?
    A.   If you are replacing a lost, damaged or defective badge-

    • Notify your administrator who will email - Once Matt receives your administrators request, the ID badge will then be mailed directly to your location of employment.
    • If you are a new employee your badge photo will be taken in Human Resources when you complete your Onboarding process.  The  ID badge will then be given to you at the completion of your Onboarding process.
  • Q. What if I am changing building locations?
    A.  All administrators/supervisors will need to request a badge access change or replacement for any employees who are moving to their location or department. Badge access is universal and can be programmed to any location. Email to request the badge access change or replacement.

    • Employees should not return access badges to the Fire/Security Department, unless the location is named on your badge or your title has changed. Once a change request email is received from an administrator/supervisor, a new badge will be issued and sent to your location via district mail.

    Q.  How do I request a Bell Schedule change?
    A.   Need to submit a work order in Brightly.