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FAQs – Facilities Rentals/Access

Facility Scheduling

  • FAQ icon - Word Bubble with Question MarkQ.   I want to rent a school.  Do I contact the school myself?
    A.   No.  We use an online scheduling program, School Space, for all community rentals both indoor and outdoor.
  • Q.  How does the rental process work?
    1. You click on the School Space link above and create an account.
      • There is a "Start Page" tour on the bottom right of that page if you need assistance.
    2. In School Space, go through and fill in all of the information for your request and select submit.
      • Once your request is received, it will be sent to the school for approval.
      • Once approved pricing will be added for your event.
      • You will be notified, through School Space, by email to confirm your rental agreement.
      • You will be asked to provide a payment method; credit or debit card. (American Express is not accepted)
      • You will also be asked to provide a certificate of liability insurance where applicable.
    3. School Space will notify the school that your request has been approved and finalized.
    4. Your event is successfully completed.
  • Q.  How long does the entire process take?
    A.   It usually takes a minimum of 10 business days, so please plan well in advance.
  • Q.  How do I get into the building?
    A.   We program the doors, prior to your event, to unlock and lock at the agreed upon times indicated on your rental agreement.
  • Q.  Why do I have to pay the $45 an hour custodial fee if the custodians are already working?
    A.   Custodians are assigned specific routes and details that are time sensitive and must be completed within their scheduled work shift.  Custodians that are pulled away to attend to other activities, including rentals, are not able to complete their assigned route work.  Therefore, the custodian must spend extra time completing their own work in addition to cleaning up after the rental.
  • Q.  Can coaches and other school personnel pay a non-profit rate for the use of the building?
    A.   Yes, they simply need to obtain a 501c3 form for their organization and present it at the time of the rental to receive the reduced rental rate.  Otherwise, they will need to  pay the for-profit rate for the rental.
  • Q.  Can school and district employees have priority over public patrons in renting a school facility?
    A.   No. They must be made equitably available to all public patrons residing within the geographic boundaries of the school district.
  • Q.  Who is responsible for compliance with the use of school buildings and grounds as civic centers, including rentals?
    A.   Under Utah State code 53A-3-414, the Board directs the Administration to manage, direct and control the use of school buildings and grounds when used as civic centers.