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FAQs – Facilities Rentals/Access

Facility Scheduling

  • FAQ icon - Word Bubble with Question MarkQ.   I want to rent a school.  Do I contact the school myself?
    A.   No.  Contact us (801-567-8603).  We take care of everything.  All community-use of school facilities is coordinated through the Facilities Scheduling office.
  • Q.  How does the rental process work?
    A.   It’s EASY!

    1. You contact us and provide the details of your rental request.
    2. We contact the school to investigate whether or not they can accommodate your request.
    3. Once a request is approved, we schedule an appointment to meet with you.  We will tell you what to bring and how much it will cost.
    4. At the appointment we do the following:
      • Review/give you a copy of the Facility Rental Guidelines
      • Complete a rental agreement
      • You will provide payment
      • You will provide a certificate of liability insurance
    5. We notify the school that you have completed all requirements.
    6. You have your event.
  • Q.  How long does the entire process take?
    A.   It usually takes a minimum of 10 business days, so please plan well in advance.
  • Q.  How do I get into the building?
    A.   We program the doors, prior to your event, to unlock and lock at the agreed upon times indicated on your rental agreement.