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FAQ -Facility Services

  • Q. Where do I get a Photo ID Badge?
    A.   If you need to replace a lost, damaged or defective badge-

    • Please contact your administrator, who will then email to request your replacement badge. The replacement ID badge will be mailed to your school.
  • If you are a new employee your badge photo will be taken in Human Resources when you complete your Onboarding process.  The  ID badge will then be mailed directly to your location of employment.
  • Q.  How do I request a Bell Schedule change?
    A.   E-mail the following:

  • Q. Who do I contact for Sprocket problems? (first be sure you are using Firefox as your browser)
    A.   Use the list below to decide what problem you are having and who can help you;

      1. Log in/Password issues – Judy Bird (801)567-8625
      2. Add/Delete a user – Judy Bird (801)567-8625
      3. Adding a new work order into Sprocket for maintenance issues – Becky Workman (801)567-8858
      4. Heating and Cooling temperature control requests – Energy Services
        • Michael Elegante -(385)214-8958
        • Ron Densley– (385)214-6881
  • Q.  Who can enter sprocket work orders?
        • Custodians
        • Principals
        • Head Secretaries
  • Q.  How do I get a Walkie Talkie repaired?
    A.   Contact the company your purchased them from:

    • McIntosh Communications | 801-834-9310
    • UCS | 801-561-3300
    • Utah Communications | 801-486-0161
    • Air Comm  |801-901-8888
  • Q.  Who do I call for elevator issues?
    A.  Contact Facility Services - (801-567-8862) - no work order needed
  • Q.  Who do I call for printer repairs?
    A.  Information Systems Help Desk  | 801-567-8737
  • Q.  Who do I call for desk phone issues?
    A.  Information Systems Help Desk  | 801-567-8737