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FAQ -Facility Services

  • Q.  What should I do if there is any emergency, including after-hours?
    A.  Call our Facility Security/Alarm Response  | 801-567-8865

  • Q. Where do I get a Photo ID Badge?
    A.   If you need to replace a lost, damaged or defective badge-

    • Please contact your administrator, who will then email to request your replacement badge. The replacement ID badge will be mailed to your school.
    • If you are a new employee your badge photo will be taken in Human Resources when you complete your Onboarding process.  The  ID badge will be given directly to you at Onboarding.
  • Q.  How do I request a Bell Schedule change?
    A.   Submit a Work Order to our AV Department.
  • Q. Who do I contact for Brightly problems? 
    A.   Use the list below to decide what problem you are having and who can help you;

      • Log in/Password issues – Teresa Lyon (801)567-8626
      • Add/Delete a user – Teresa Lyon (801)567-8626
      • Adding a new work order into Brightly for maintenance issues – Becky Workman (801)567-8858
  • Q.  Who can enter Brightly work orders and special projects?
        • Custodians
        • Administrators
        • Head Secretaries
  • Q.  How do I get a Walkie Talkie repaired?
    A.   Contact the company your purchased them from:

    • McIntosh Communications | 801-834-9310
    • UCS | 801-561-3300
    • Utah Communications | 801-486-0161
    • Air Comm  |801-901-8888
  • Q.  Who do I call for elevator issues?
    A.  Contact Facility Services - (801-567-8862) - no work order needed
  • Q.  Who do I call for printer repairs?
    A.  Information Systems Help Desk  | 801-567-8737
  • Q.  Who do I call for desk phone issues?
    A.  Information Systems Help Desk  | 801-567-8737