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Documents/Forms/Logs – Custodial

Custodial Services Mission Statement

The custodial staff recognizes the investment which the Jordan School District has made in providing the District with modern and up-to-date schools and takes pride in caring for these physical facilities in the most cost-effective manner by keeping abreast of the newest products and cleaning methods and meeting our goal of serving Jordan School District and providing them with a service worthy of recognition.

Custodial Priorities

Payroll Logs  Request for Materials and Parts
Contact Sally Forman for updated excel timesheets. AED Custodial Monthly Log 2019 Request For Materials or Parts From Supplier 2017
Payroll BGLS 2018-19 Battery Maintenance Log 2019
Custodial Rental Report Form 2018 Elevator Log 2019 Sweeper Routes Written Documentation
Employee Evaluation Forms  Generator Log Updated January 2021 Hallway Sweeper Evaluation

Restroom Sweeper Evaluation

Vacuum Sweeper Evaluation

Light Duty Sweeper Evaluation

Combo Sweeper Evaluation

Stairs Sweeper Evaluation

Sub Custodian Evaluation Form 2017 Glycol System Log 2019
Custodian of the Month Nomination Form 2019 Ice and Snow Log 2019
Facility Services of the Month Nomination Form 2017 Playground and Fence Log 2019 Universal Precautions Sign In Sheet
Head Custodian HR Training 11-15-17 Preventative Maintenance Custodial Equipment Log 2019
Career Development Projector Log 2019
1 Apprenticeship Level 1 Complete Booklet 05-29-19 Sprinkler Log 2019
2 Apprenticeship Level 2 Complete Booklet 05-29-19 Waste Water Maintenance Log 2019
Custodial Screening Rubric 2018 Propane Buffer Log 2019
Custodial Maintenance Energy Nutrition Information Systems Task Guidelines 03-02-18 Water Softener Log 2011


Budget Worksheet