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About Us

Transportation Mission Statement

Provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation services for Jordan School District students.
Maintain assigned District vehicles at the highest possible operating standard.
Provide competent, well-trained drivers who act as positive, adult role models by encouraging student learning and maintaining student discipline in a safe, inviting manner.
To accomplish our mission, employees of the Transportation Department will provide “A Vital Link to Learning,” by assuring the cost-effective use of human and material resources in a professional, caring environment.

Quick Facts About Jordan District Transportation

Jordan School District has an active fleet of 257 buses, including 115 clean-burning, low-emissions, Compressed Natural Gas buses.  We provide home-to-school service to approximately 15,750 students each day.  In addition to daily routes, we also provide service for field trips, athletic events, and various after-school programs.  Our buses travel over 2,653,619 miles annually.  We also have one of the cleanest running fleets in the state, with older buses retrofitted with advanced diesel particulate filters, new clean diesel and CNG buses.  Our buses take more than 2,591 activity trips each year.  All of our buses are equipped with video cameras and GPS tracking technology to provide for the safety of our children and buses, and providing critical telematics data for the maintenance of our buses.

Environmental and Energy Study Release  

Nearly 300 Jordan School District employees, including 225 bus drivers, 22 bus attendants, and 41 support employees including office staff, mechanics, routers, trainers, and dispatchers, serve our students each day in the Transportation Department.  Our drivers are some of the most highly-trained, tested and scrutinized drivers on the road.  Our drivers have all passed strict background checks prior to employment.  They are required to participate in pre-employment, random and post-accident drug and alcohol testing.  They undergo frequent driving record checks and pass periodic medical exams to ensure they are physically qualified.  Our drivers receive specialized classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction in driving a school bus, student loading/unloading procedures, student evacuation, student management, and emergency medical procedures.

  • Fleet
    • 257 School Buses (115 natural gas buses)
    • 72 Drivers Education Cars
    • 213 Additional Vehicles -( 3 CNG Maintenance, 5 mail vans, 1 utilities/energy vehicle and 1 forklift run on alternative fuel---primarily natural gas)
    • 2,653,619 Miles Traveled Yearly
  • Students/Schools
    • 60 Schools Served
    • 14,500 Regular Education Students Transported Daily
    • 1,250 Special Education Students Transported Daily
    • 2,591 Field Trips/Activity Trips Yearly
  • Training/Testing
    • 18 hours, all drivers receive 18 hours yearly training
    • 60 hours training received by substitutes before hire
    • 5,832 training hours provided yearly
  • Did You Know?
    • 90% of our drivers were accident free last year
    • All drivers receive random drug and alcohol testing
    • Our bus fleet includes 115 CNG (clean natural gas) buses. We are leading the way for clean air in Utah.
    • "Top Ten." Our bus maintenance program was named one of North America's best.